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Price per Unit  248,00 EUR  

Heat shield engine compartment 308

Glass fibre rowing fabric
laminated with aluminium foil.
Product ID: 104-3,4

per meter  33,20 EUR  

Heat shield for interior + trunk

The engine is producing a lot of heat, when operating.
Effective protection against extreme heat for passengers and luggage
offers this heat protection glass rowing fabric with a laminated aluminium foil.
The fabric width is 1.000 mm, strenght is 0.6 mm

Product ID: 103-10,13 + 104-12a

Price per Unit  276,00 EUR  

Noise-absorbing isolation

EDPM laminated with flame retardant foam, 15 mm thick.
Product ID: 103-12b

Cartridge  27,80 EUR  

Adhesive for noise insulating mat engine compartment

A transparent silicone-based adhesive.
Operating range from -60°C to 250°C.
Product ID: 5366-310

Price per Unit  134,00 EUR  

Heat Shield Front Manifold

FPN: 107207
Product ID: 13-17

Set  125,00 EUR  

Adhesive anti-drone plates for doors and fenders

Required: 2 sets for the whole vehicle (fenders and doors)
Product ID: 234-5

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