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Price per Unit  11,30 EUR  


Product ID: 201-01

Price per Unit  32,40 EUR  

Spray glue strong

Product ID: 201-89

Price per Unit  3,40 EUR  

Distributor special grease 5ml

For all the moving parts in the distributor.
Do not use as contact grease.
Product ID: 302-33a

Price per Unit  19,90 EUR  

Brake Fluid 1Litre

for Brake Fluid Change
Product ID: DOT4-1L

Price per Unit  7,90 EUR  

Brake Fluid 0,25Litre

for Brake Fluid Refill
Product ID: DOT4-0,25L

Price per Unit  18,50 EUR  

Leather Care

250 ml
Sponge included
Product ID: 200-55

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