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Price per Unit  139,50 EUR  

Tool kit 246 GT/GTS

Product ID: 38-4

Price per Unit  171,95 EUR  

Tool kit 208 - 308 GT4

Complete with all tools.
Product ID: 42-1

Price per Unit  208,00 EUR  

Jack 206 + 246 L/M-Series

20mm, for 206GT, 246GT L- + M-Series

FPN: 840021
Product ID: 39-1LM

Price per Unit  208,00 EUR  

Jack 246GT/GTS E-Series

27,5mm, for E-Series

FPN: 840021

Product ID: 38-1E

Price per Unit  66,95 EUR  

Jack cover, M- and E-Serie

Top cap for the jack.
ID: 48mm

Product ID: 38-1-1

Price per Unit  12,30 EUR  

Price per Unit  32,40 EUR  

Price per Unit  76,00 EUR  

Bag for Dino jack

FPN: 840021a
Product ID: 38-1-4

Set  62,00 EUR  

Valve Clearance Tool Set

A must for Dino mechanics.
Press down tool and stabilizator
for the easy replacement of valve tappets.
Product ID: AVW

Price per Unit  98,00 EUR  

Colortune spark

For easy fine tune your carbs.
Product ID: 200-47

Price per Unit  78,40 EUR  


Quickly synchronized carburetors. Conical adapter.
Product ID: 70-11

Price per Unit  71,70 EUR  

Indicator of degree for adjusting cams

This tool helps precisely timing of the cams.
Product ID: 200-80

Price per Unit  82,40 EUR  

Lock nut timing belts

Product ID: 200-77 / 8

Price per Unit  139,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  82,60 EUR  

Lock Nut Tool W-45

Fits to the lock nut clutch shaft, OD = 45mm, Length = 90mm

passt für:
Lock Nut Clutch Shaft

Product ID: NMS-W45

Price per Unit  98,60 EUR  

Lock nut tool

Product ID: NMS-W50

Price per Unit  94,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  69,00 EUR  

Lock nut tool for steering wheel

Practical tool to easily loosen and tighten the steering wheel lock nut.
For locknuts with an outer diameter of 38 mmm, length: 86 mm.
Product ID: NMS-W38

Set  138,00 EUR  

Oil pressure control assy

A big difference to the oil pressure gauge in the dashboard.
Much more precisely.
Essential after engine overhaul.
Product ID: ATP

Price per Unit  98,00 EUR  

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