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Price per Unit  74,80 EUR  

FERRARI Emblem Front

Screw spacing = 40 mm
Product ID: 111-1a

Price per Unit  45,90 EUR  

Front bagde oblong nose

The very best quality for this badge worldwide.
"Made in Germany". 
Product ID: 110-5

Price per Unit  39,80 EUR  

FERRARI "cavallino" 75mm Rear horse

hight: 75 mm
FPN: 60032109
Product ID: 111-27

Price per Unit  57,80 EUR  

FERRARI "cavallino" 110mm Front horse

hight: 110mm
FPN: 61180900, 63233900
Product ID: 109-19

Set  36,10 EUR  

Price per Unit  124,30 EUR  

Badge "Dino 308 GT4"

Product ID: 111-2 / GT4

Price per Unit  124,30 EUR  

Badge "Dino 208 GT4"

FPN: 402778
Product ID: DA-111-2

Price per Unit  68,60 EUR  

"Dino GT" script

Product ID: 110-14

Price per Unit  9,80 EUR  

Spare centre Dino badge

On the back with 3M glue film.
Product ID: 35-6a

Price per Unit  48,10 EUR  

Badge "disegno BERTONE"

Product ID: 111-3 / 208-308

Price per Unit  48,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  24,30 EUR  

Price per Unit  68,10 EUR  

"Ferrari" script

Product ID: 108-43

Price per Unit  29,60 EUR  

FIAT Emblem

Product ID: 201-32a

Price per Unit  74,50 EUR  

Price per Unit  63,60 EUR  

"Dino" script FIAT

Product ID: 201-5

Price per Unit  62,80 EUR  

"FIAT Dino" script

Product ID: 201-6

Price per Unit  6,50 EUR  

Price per Unit  93,95 EUR  

FIAT Dino 2000 emblem front wing

Product ID: 201-7

Price per Unit  55,80 EUR  

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