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Price per Unit  2.430,00 EUR  

206 engine hood

handmade from Aluminium
Product ID: 8-18-206

Price per Unit  19,80 EUR  

Bonnet buffer

Suitable for all bonnets.
Product ID: 106-21

per metre  10,80 EUR  

Set  34,30 EUR  

Edge trim - front bonnet

Rugged profile. To fit without tools.
Product ID: 106-18

Set  24,30 EUR  

Set  68,40 EUR  

Edge trim - boot

The set consists out of two different profiles:
- Hollow profile 2,50 metre
- U-profile 0,90 metre

Product ID: 108-22

Set  17,40 EUR  

Foam rubber seal - boot

Both sides of the boot should be equipped with these foam rubber seals.

Product ID: 108-23

Price per Unit  122,30 EUR  

Price per Unit  20,20 EUR  

Screw for original bonnet stay

FPN: 20100301
Product ID: 107-10

Price per Unit  52,20 EUR  

Gas spring - engine hood

Convenience + safety in one.
Product ID: 107-9

Price per Unit  52,20 EUR  

Gas spring - front bonnet

Convenience + safety in one.
Product ID: 106-6

Price per Unit  48,60 EUR  

Bonnet lock

FPN: 0200419
Product ID: 107-7

Price per Unit  114,00 EUR  

Scissor joint boot

better than originalThe joints are bolted and mounted with copper rings. So you adjust the joints if necessary.
Product ID: 108-10

Price per Unit  2,70 EUR  

Caps for boot

Have you also already had a water penetration? Often only after boot opening? Here is the solution:
Product ID: 108-10a

Set  42,00 EUR  

Lower boot seal Spider

Required: 1
Product ID: L1.23a-1904058

Set  72,00 EUR  

Bonnet seal set Spider

Part Nr: 1903266, 1903982
Product ID: L1.01a-1903266+1903982

Price per Unit  92,20 EUR  

Boot seal Spider

Product ID: L1.23-1903394+1903395

Price per Unit  48,60 EUR  

Lock trunk

FPN: 1903268
Product ID: 107-7

Price per Unit  47,40 EUR  

Lock catch trunk

Stainless steel.
Product ID: CD-108-14

Price per Unit  11,20 EUR  

Lock-out release trunk cable Fiat Dino Coupe

FPN: 4147937
Product ID: L1.23-4147937

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