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Price per Unit  296,00 EUR  

Rear moulded light cover

FPN: 0201386

The US-Version needs to be adjusted.
Product ID: 108-5

Price per Unit  372,00 EUR  

Set  158,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  131,80 EUR  

Battery cover

FPN: 0200912
Product ID: 103-17

Price per Unit  18,50 EUR  

Sealing battery cover

Product ID: 103-16

Price per Unit  14,60 EUR  

Knurled nut battery cover

Product ID: 103-17a

Price per Unit  296,00 EUR  

Service shell - rear section RHS

Required: 1
FPN: 0200522

Product ID: 104-3

Price per Unit  296,00 EUR  

Service shell - rear section LHS

Sturdy laminated fiberglass (GFK).

Protection for clutch and top gear.
Actually the Service shell is not black as shown.
It comes in fiberglass uncolored.

Product ID: 104-18

Price per Unit  540,00 EUR  

Air intake QV/328

FPN: 61299600
Product ID: EJ-104-38-RHS

Price per Unit  0,85 EUR  

Flathead screw service shells

You need 8 for each side.
Product ID: 104-20

Price per Unit  164,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  179,90 EUR  

Front inner wing rear section

Product ID: 103-4

Price per Unit  168,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  168,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  572,00 EUR  

Fiberglass Spare Wheel Moulding

FPN: 0200061

Quantity: 1
Product ID: CD-103-1

Price per Unit  320,00 EUR  

Rear bulkhead spare wheel

FPN: 0200085, 0202209

Quantity: 1
Product ID: CD-103-2

Price per Unit  472,00 EUR  

Fiberglass bottom

FPN: 0200086

Quantity: 1
Product ID: CD-103-9

Price per Unit  276,00 EUR  

Bulkhead Engine Compartment

FPN: 0200134

Quantity: 1
Product ID: CD-103-11

Price per Unit  281,70 EUR  

Fiberglass trunk floor

FPN: 0200116, 0202599

Quantity: 1
Product ID: CD-104-6

Price per Unit  178,00 EUR  

Reinforcement plate trunk right

FPN: 0200028

Anzahl: 1
Product ID: CD-104-8

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