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Price per Unit  538,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  842,00 EUR  

Protective cover targa roof 246 GTS beige/grey

The cover is made of real leather.
Product ID: 102-21cLB/G

Set  378,00 EUR  

Targa roof sky

Set of two pieces.
Product ID: 102-20

Price per Unit  6,40 EUR  

Price per Unit  7,70 EUR  

Rosette For Targa-Roof Fixing, White

Required: 2

FPN: 201720
Product ID: CD-102-19-W

Price per Unit  7,70 EUR  

Rosette For Targa-Roof Fixing, Black

Required: 2

FPN: 201720
Product ID: CD-102-19-B

Price per Unit  52,80 EUR  

Set  321,50 EUR  

Targa-roof seals GTS Info

FPN: 0202420
Elastic sealing profil between door window and targa roof for both sides.
Product ID: 102-18 / 246

Price per Unit  92,90 EUR  

Weather strip targa roof

For both sides you need two weather strips. 
Product ID: 102-16a

Price per Unit  63,90 EUR  

Door rubber A-postes / targa-roof

This hollow profile rubber is mounted along both A-postes
and on top of the windscreen frame.
Product ID: 111-4 GTS

Price per Unit  98,40 EUR  

Door rubber B-postes / targa-roof

Full-length hollow-profile covering both sides
from lower door openings, to B-postes
and the targa-roof rear.

Product ID: 102-2a,3a,14a

Price per Unit  5,80 EUR  

Nipple for Targa-roof

Two of these nipples are located behind the seats in head-rest level,
in order to store away the targa-roof, when riding your Dino open.

Product ID: 200-34

Price per Unit  11,70 EUR  

Fastening button Targa roof

in combination with nipple for Targa-roof 200-34
Product ID: 102-21a

Satz  380,00 EUR  

Hook Targa Roof 246 GTS

Product ID: CD-102-21b

Price per Unit  218,80 EUR  

Vent window rubber GTS Info

Product ID: 109-26 GTS

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