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Price per Unit  254,00 EUR  

Fuel pump 308QV

Product ID: 9-1 / QV

Price per Unit  149,00 EUR  

Fuel pump FACET

FPN: 476087
Thread M10, for use for example with the elbow connection 8-26,
the straight fitting 8-27/D1, 8-28/D1 and the T-piece 8-27/D,28/D
Product ID: 8-22

Price per Unit  118,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  110,00 EUR  

Fuel pump HARDI

FPN: 476087
Product ID: 8-22-Hardi

Price per Unit  278,00 EUR  

Fuel Pump 348 Bosch

FPN: 155592
Product ID: 9-2-348-Bosch

Meter  16,00 EUR  

Braided Fuel Hose 8mm

FPN: 820860, 95458
Product ID: 7-12-8-G

Set  15,80 EUR  

Mounting kit fuel pump

Product ID: 8-18,23,24,25

Price per Unit  6,60 EUR  

Price per Unit  3,20 EUR  

Straight fitting fuel pump

Product ID: 8-27/D1, 8-28/D1

Price per Unit  9,20 EUR  

T-piece fuel pump

Product ID: 8-27/D,28/D

Meter  18,00 EUR  

Braided Fuel Hose 10mm

Product ID: 7-12-10-G

50cm  12,80 EUR  

Fuel Hose With Wire Braid 6mm

for tight radiator
Product ID: 7-12-6-D

50cm  14,80 EUR  

Fuel Hose With Wire Braid 8mm

for tigh radii
Product ID: 7-12-8-D

50cm  19,80 EUR  

Fuel Hose With Wire Braid 14mm

for tight radii
Product ID: 7-12-14-D

Meter  9,50 EUR  

Fuel Hose 4mm

Product ID: 7-12-4

Meter  10,50 EUR  

Fuel Hose 6mm

Product ID: 7-12-6

Meter  11,50 EUR  

Fuel Hose 8mm

Product ID: 7-12-8

Meter  12,50 EUR  

Fuel Hose 10mm

Product ID: 7-12-10

Meter  13,50 EUR  

Fuel Hose 12mm

Product ID: 7-12-12

Meter  14,50 EUR  

Fuel Hose 19mm

Product ID: 7-12-19

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