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Price per Unit  82,50 EUR  

Price per Unit  68,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  193,70 EUR  

3,00 EUR  

Plain bearing throttle valve shaft

FPN: 107443
Product ID: EJ-17-27

Price per Unit  74,70 EUR  

Crank sensor

The plug must possibly be adapted.
Product ID: EH-37-14

Price per Unit  3,50 EUR  

Seal injection valve

Product ID: 10-79 QV

Price per Unit  6,90 EUR  

Price per Unit  12,95 EUR  

Price per Unit  258,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  209,50 EUR  

BOSCH Thermotimeswitch 308GTBi - 328

higher cold cranking amps with wear-free electronics.

FPN 113980
Product ID: 308-10-19

Price per Unit  117,00 EUR  

Baffle plate

FPN 120812
Product ID: 10-75

Price per Unit  4,90 EUR  

Seal Injection Valve

FPN: 133902
Product ID: 7-19

Price per Unit  44,90 EUR  

Accelerator Cable GTBi/GTSi

Required: 1
FPN: 115134

Product ID: EF-12-17LHD

Price per Unit  99,00 EUR  

Accelerator Cable QV

FPN: 120498
Product ID: EA-43-6

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