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Price per Unit  46,30 EUR  

Assistant clutch lever

Finally less pedal strength through revised calculation
and stainless steel spring wire.
Forget cramps in the calf when you are in city traffic.

Product ID: 17-18

Price per Unit  35,00 EUR  

Set  32,40 EUR  

Tension set clutch

All parts made in stainless steel.
Product ID: 17-14,15,16,30,31

Price per Unit  16,40 EUR  

Spring clutch pedal

Product ID: 42-15

Price per Unit  24,20 EUR  

Spring clutch release bearing

FPN: 100850, 109794
Product ID: 18-8

Price per Unit  34,20 EUR  

Spring release lever

FPN: 500192
Product ID: 17-4

Price per Unit  24,20 EUR  

Spring Clutch Release Bearing FIAT

FPN: 814047
Product ID: B1.05-814047

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