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Price per Unit  2.060,00 EUR  

Radiator 208/308

FPN: 116286
Product ID: EA-13-1

Price per Unit  54,80 EUR  


Looks like original, but has an optimised fixture of the head.
Required: 1
FPN: 875915, 103948
Product ID: 14-26,27

Price per Unit  189,00 EUR  

Faucet Stratos

PN: 875915
Product ID: 17-13-Stratos

Price per Unit  28,10 EUR  

Radiator switch 75° / 70°

Switching point 75° / 70°
suitable for carburetor engines. 
Product ID: 14-7

Price per Unit  728,00 EUR  

Overhaul of Your Radiator with new net

With a new net and new mounting.
Product ID: A4.01-4199856

Price per Unit  1.716,00 EUR  

Radiator E-series NEW

Original specification. 
Product ID: 14-1

Price per Unit  695,00 EUR  

Heat exchanger FIAT 2.0

completely overhauled with a new net of non-ferrous metal (copper-brass).
Product ID: E1.02-4154183

Unit  695,00 EUR  

Heat exchanger FIAT 2.4

completely overhauled with a new net of non-ferrous metal (copper-brass).
Product ID: E1.02-4217004

Set  9,40 EUR  

Breather valve with seal

FPN: 800314
Product ID: 14-1a

Price per Unit  12,20 EUR  

Radiator rubber strap

FPN: 36158
Product ID: 14-4

Price per Unit  7,80 EUR  

Radiator rubber mounts

FPN: 101495
Product ID: 14-9

Price per Unit  238,00 EUR  

Radiator fan, including motor

FPN: 36158
Product ID: 14-34b

Price per Unit  96,40 EUR  

Fixing mount radiator fan

Made out of stainless steel. Powder-coated.
Product ID: 14-34

Price per Unit  46,20 EUR  

Foam Bloc Heater / Front Bonnet

FPN: 0201229
Product ID: 106-13 / 206-246

Price per Unit  28,10 EUR  

Foam block radiator GT4

FPN: 40150104
Product ID: 106-15

Price per Unit  12,80 EUR  

Rubber Base Front Cooler

Product ID: A4.01-4152993

Price per Unit  1.716,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  417,00 EUR  

Oil cooler 208-308

FPN: 106965
Product ID: 15-35/308

Price per Unit  17,80 EUR  

Price per Unit  19,80 EUR  

Radiator Mounting 308 GT4 Info

Required: 2

FPN: 16043821, 107978, 107979, 107980, 16104411, 105196
Product ID: EA-16-6,4,3,5,7,52

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