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Price per Unit  37,90 EUR  

Water flow housing

Product ID: 15-5

Price per Unit  158,00 EUR  

Water flow housing = router

Better material Al Si 10Mg and casting state of the art.
FPN: 4234160

Product ID: 15-4

Price per Unit  73,10 EUR  

Price per Unit  184,00 EUR  

Thermostat housing

Improved materials: Al Si 10Mg as casting,
studs, washer, spring rings
and hat nut are out of stainless.

Product ID: 15-5,8ff

Price per Unit  24,20 EUR  

Water Nozzle

Required: 1
FPN: 106241
Product ID: EH-17-26

Price per Unit  49,00 EUR  

Water connector water pump

FPN: 105195
ID: 20mm
Product ID: 308-17-24

Price per Unit  17,90 EUR  

Coolant Temperature Sender Unit

For the display of the coolant temperature.
Product ID: CD-14-28

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