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Price per Unit  84,60 EUR  

Polymax-Pulley 925, Air Condition Info

Original POLYMAX grants long-lasting use.
Product ID: 41-13

Price per Unit  46,60 EUR  

Price per Unit  71,40 EUR  

Switch air conditioning

Product ID: CD-115-31AC

Price per Unit  38,60 EUR  

Price per Unit  76,40 EUR  

Regulator air conditioning

Product ID: CD-115-30AC

Price per Unit  38,60 EUR  

Price per Unit  128,00 EUR  

Base plate climate control

Product ID: CD-115-32AC

Price per Unit  78,50 EUR  

Belt air-con 246 Info

When changing, you need two belts.
Product ID: 39-3

Price per Unit  4,80 EUR  

Set  89,90 EUR  

Price per Unit  687,00 EUR  

Compressor air-con

Can be operated with coolant R12 or R134a.
- New component -
FPN: 320386, 320452

Product ID: 39-1

Set  640,00 EUR  

Complete hose set air-con

Due to environment reasons the coolant should changed from R11 to R134a.
This hose set is ready to fit whether as modernisation
or as replacement for leaky old hoses.

Product ID: 39-13,14,15,16...

Price per Unit  109,00 EUR  

Extension Hose Air Con Compressor->Condenser

additionally for vehicles with radiator connection on the left side of the vehicle
Product ID: CD-39-13-V

Price per Unit  223,30 EUR  

Hose Air Con Compressor->Condensor

FPN: 320454
Product ID: CD-39-13

Price per Unit  112,20 EUR  

Hose Air Con Condenser->Dryer Air Con

FPN: 320378
Product ID: CD-39-14

Price per Unit  114,30 EUR  

Hose Dryer Air Con->Evaporator

FPN: 320379
Product ID: CD-39-15

Price per Unit  203,70 EUR  

Hose Air Con Evaporator->Compressor

FPN: 320380
Product ID: CD-39-16

Price per Unit  890,00 EUR  


FPN: 320365, 320461
Product ID: 39-4

Price per Unit  91,50 EUR  

Dryer air-con R134a 246

Product ID: 39-6 / 246

Price per Unit  96,20 EUR  

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