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Price per Unit  68,00 EUR  

Ferrari horn push

FPN: 101071, 116086
Product ID: 35-45

Price per Unit  54,00 EUR  

Dino hornpush

Product ID: 51-1a

Price per Unit  48,20 EUR  

Price per Unit  98,20 EUR  

Horn Sliding Contact

Complete with housing.

FPN: 538U-740001
Product ID: 29-9

Price per Unit  9,80 EUR  

Knurled thumb screw

Required: 4
FPN: 0201066
Product ID: 115-12

Price per Unit  1.300,00 EUR  

Instrument panel GT4 with gages, used

With gages for fuel, water- and oil temperature, as well as a time clock.
Product ID: EA-118-2u

Price per Unit  370,00 EUR  

Panel LHS with switches GT4, used

With switches for fan, hazard lights, fog lights and wipers.

Product ID: EA-118-1u

Price per Unit  370,00 EUR  

Panel RHS with levers GT4, used

With levers for heating and ventilation.
Product ID: EA-118-3u

Price per Unit  1,50 EUR  

Screw Instrument Panel GT4

Stainless Steel A2, black burnished.
similar to original screw
6 pieces are required.

Product ID: EA-118-4

Price per Unit  69,70 EUR  

Price per Unit  254,00 EUR  


For Dino-owners, who want to keep their vehicle undamaged even longer.
Product ID: 115-6a

Price per Unit  386,00 EUR  

Clock with quarz drive

"Made in Germany"
Product ID: 115-4

Price per Unit  490,00 EUR  


FPN: 20081709
Product ID: 115-6

Price per Unit  540,00 EUR  

Oil Pressure Display

FPN: 201757
Product ID: 115-7

Price per Unit  65,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  49,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  15,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  38,40 EUR  

Ring speedo or rpm counter

Product ID: F5.03-4156030 / 31

Price per Unit  12,70 EUR  

Knob for clock

Product ID: 115-4r

Price per Unit  74,70 EUR  

Speedometer cable

Product ID: 115-1a

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