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Price per Unit  544,30 EUR  

High-performance starter 1,4 KW

Product ID: 37-23b

Price per Unit  398,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  448,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  840,00 EUR  

Starter FIAT Dino 2400 original, overhauled

Original and overhauled.
Product ID: F6.08-4206634

Price per Unit  149,00 EUR  

Starter pinion 9-tooth, New old stock

"New old stock".
Product ID: F6.08-4144564

Price per Unit  149,00 EUR  

Starter pinion 11-tooth, New old stock

"New old stock."
Product ID: F6.08-4243124

Price per Unit  545,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  329,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  385,00 EUR  

Reconditioning your Starter

Only with core exchange.
Product ID: 39-1

Price per Unit  9,80 EUR  

Set  26,90 EUR  

Price per Unit  1,80 EUR  

Screw starter FIAT

Product ID: F2.01-16044721

Price per Unit  58,60 EUR  

Heat shield starter motor

FPN: 13237
Product ID: 37-28

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