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Price per Unit  139,50 EUR  

Tool kit 246 GT/GTS

Product ID: 38-4

Price per Unit  208,00 EUR  

Jack 206 + 246 L/M-Series

20mm, for 206GT, 246GT L- + M-Series

FPN: 840021
Product ID: 39-1LM

Price per Unit  12,30 EUR  

Price per Unit  32,40 EUR  

Price per Unit  76,00 EUR  

Bag for Dino jack

FPN: 840021a
Product ID: 38-1-4

Set  62,00 EUR  

Valve Clearance Tool Set

A must for Dino mechanics.
Press down tool and stabilizator
for the easy replacement of valve tappets.
Product ID: AVW

Price per Unit  98,00 EUR  

Colortune spark

For easy fine tune your carbs.
Product ID: 200-47

Price per Unit  78,40 EUR  


Quickly synchronized carburetors. Conical adapter.
Product ID: 70-11

Price per Unit  71,70 EUR  

Indicator of degree for adjusting cams

This tool helps precisely timing of the cams.
Product ID: 200-80

Price per Unit  69,00 EUR  

Lock nut tool for steering wheel, W-38

Practical tool to easily loosen and tighten the steering wheel lock nut.
For locknuts with an outer diameter of 38 mmm, length: 86 mm.
Product ID: NMS-W38

Price per Unit  82,60 EUR  

Lock-Nut Tool W-44

Fitting for Lock nuts with an outer diameter of 44mm, length = 90mm
Product ID: NMS-W44

Price per Unit  98,60 EUR  

Lock nut tool W-50

Product ID: NMS-W50

Price per Unit  139,00 EUR  

Set  138,00 EUR  

Oil pressure control assy

A big difference to the oil pressure gauge in the dashboard.
Much more precisely.
Essential after engine overhaul.
Product ID: ATP

Price per Unit  69,00 EUR  

Hammer for rudge nuts

Product ID: 200-15

Price per Unit  49,60 EUR  

Bad for towing lug

Product ID: 200-74b

Set  236,00 EUR  

Spinner Nut Tool, Two-parts

Product ID: D3.16-4149527A

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