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Price per Unit  10,95 EUR  


Made by BOSCH.
FPN: 9916528
Product ID: 36-16

Price per Unit  29,90 EUR  

Capacitor Magneti Marelli

Required: 1 on each distributor

FPN: 9916528
Product ID: 36-16MM

Set  134,10 EUR  

Original Magenti Marelli 3-Spring Ignition Point Set

Reliable quality.
Insulators made of Pertinax.

Product ID: 36-21b

Price per Unit  25,80 EUR  

Rotor arm 206 - 246

Required: 1

FPN: 95300289
Product ID: 36-42

Price per Unit  194,00 EUR  

Rotor arm 206 - 246 original

Required: 1

FPN: 95300289
Product ID: 36-42o

Price per Unit  9,80 EUR  

Rubber-cork gasket distributor cap

Necessary in between the cap and the housing.
Product ID: 36-41a

Price per Unit  139,00 EUR  

Distributor cap 206 - 246

Incl. rubber cork gasket + scews.
Product ID: 36-41-S

Set  196,50 EUR  

Rotor weight set with slide stone 8,48mm

Each component is optimized. "Made in Germany".
Product ID: 36-48

Price per Unit  6,40 EUR  

Triangle Distributor gasket

High pressure seal comprised of 1-mm thick aramid compound.
Best results by compression, flexible load and constant pressure.
Premium quality KLINGERSIL.
Product ID: 36-37 + 5-56

Price per Unit  2.380,00 EUR  

Complete distributor (used, overhauled)

Complete distributor
Product ID: 36-15uK

Price per Unit  2.200,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  569,00 EUR  

Distributor shaft

Product ID: 36-15Welle

Price per Unit  134,50 EUR  

Distributor 3 lobe cam

Product ID: 36-15a / 3er

Price per Unit  172,50 EUR  

Distributor 6 lobe cam

Product ID: 36-15b / 6er

Price per Unit  4,80 EUR  

Price per Unit  6,20 EUR  

Isolation tube

Product ID: 36-15c

Price per Unit  19,40 EUR  

Distributor bearing top 11mm

"Made in Germany".
Product ID: 36-50-11

Price per Unit  19,40 EUR  

Distributor Bearing Top 7mm

 "Made in Germany".
Product ID: 36-50-7

Price per Unit  19,80 EUR  

Distributor bearing below

"Made in Germany".
Product ID: 36-49

Price per Unit  5,10 EUR  

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