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Fuse box Sticker 8-times B

Price per Unit 27,90 EUR
Accensione Tergicristallo
Luci Direczione
Relays Regol
Event Radiat
Pompe Elettriche Ventole Aeraz
Luci Arresto
Regolatore Ventole Radiatore Alzacristallo Sinistro Alzacristallo Destro
A 15 A 15 A 8 A 15 A 8 A 25 A 25 A 25
Ignition Wind Wiper
Turn Signal L
Regul and Rad
Fans Relays
Electric Pumps Inter Ventilat
Stop Lights
Regulator Radiator Fans LH Glass Lifter RH Glass Lifter

on an aluminum plate

Product ID: 200-84b /8

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