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Price per Unit  8,90 EUR  

Clip "Sill chrome border"

better than original!
Product ID: L1.25-906239

Price per Unit  3,80 EUR  

Door trim clip Info

Product ID: L1.09a-1903239

Price per Unit  2,70 EUR  

Mounting rod ventilation grill, Spider

Spring wire 125mm
Product ID: L3.02a- 1903544

Price per Unit  0,75 EUR  

Sheet nut 8 mm

Product ID: 203-19-8

Price per Unit  0,75 EUR  

Sheet nut 4,8 mm

Product ID: 203-19-5

Price per Unit  8,90 EUR  

Clips chrome strips rear Coupe

Clips for the chrome strips on the rear lights.
Product ID: L1.25-4213526

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