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Price per Unit  1.762,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  746,00 EUR  

Overhauling your brake servo

Please send us your old Brake servo!
If new parts are necessary, they will be charged additionally.
It will be delivered within 10 days.

Not every brake booster is repairable. The cost of the review is 135.00 € and will be charged in the event of an unsuccessful revision.
When you buy a new brake booster, the full cost of the review will be refunded.
Product ID: 25-11R

Price per Unit  36,20 EUR  

Servo vacuum hose

Very robust and durable.
Original look, but improved quality.
Product ID: C1.02-4166416

Price per Unit  39,70 EUR  

Price per Unit  36,40 EUR  

Clamp brake vacuum tank

Made out of stainless steel.
Product ID: C1.02-4056961

Price per Unit  48,10 EUR  

Brake compensator rear

Product ID: C1.03-4178785

Set  78,00 EUR  

Fixture brake compensator rear

New production in stainless.
Product ID: C1.04-4182273

Price per Unit  6,30 EUR  

Moulded rubber brake control rod

Product ID: C1.04-4125231

Set  17,70 EUR  

Bushing Set Brake compensator

1 Set contains:
2 x Rubber bush brake compensator C1.04-4111979
1 x Stainless steel bush brake compensator C1.04-4106924
Product ID: C1.04-41x

Price per Unit  5,80 EUR  

Rubber bush brake compensator

There are 4 pieces required per side.
Product ID: C1.04-4111979

Price per Unit  6,80 EUR  

Bush brake compensator

Stainless steeel
Product ID: C1.04-4106924

Price per Unit  28,00 EUR  

Coupling rod brake condensator rear axle

Out of stainless steel.
2 pieces are required.

Product ID: C1.04-4163668

Price per Unit  92,80 EUR  

Price per Unit  113,40 EUR  

Price per Unit  7,40 EUR  

Seal ring vacuum pump

Required: 1
Product ID: G1.03-4216920-1

Price per Unit  180,00 EUR  

Disc Brake Servo

Product ID: CD-25-11/A

Price per Unit  9,90 EUR  

Price per Unit  63,40 EUR  

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