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Piece  549,00 EUR  

Windscreen 308-328 GTB / GTS

Laminated glass with blue tinted on top
including windscreen heater.
Product ID: 118-4 - GTB/GTS

Stückpreis  549,00 EUR  

Windscreen 208+308-328 GTB/GTS, Green With Blue Tinted On Top

Windscreen laminated glas, green with blue tinted on top.

FPN: 60019908
Product ID: 118-4-GTB/GTSAGNBL

Price per Unit  559,00 EUR  

Windscreen 206 - 246

Laminated glass, manufactured inside EU accordingly ISO 9001.
Product ID: 111-2

Price per Unit  934,00 EUR  

Windscreen GT4, clear

Laminated glass, clear
Product ID: EA-113-2-CL

Price per Unit  782,00 EUR  

Windscreen GT4, clear with blue tinted top

Laminated glass, clear with blue tinted on top.
Product ID: EA-113-2-CL-BL

Price per Unit  1.249,00 EUR  

Windscreen GT4, clear with green tinted top

Laminated glass, clear with green tinted on top.
Product ID: EA-113-2-CL-GR

Price per Unit  1.420,00 EUR  

Windscreen GT4 green

Product ID: EA-113-2-GR

Price per Unit  1.420,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  399,00 EUR  

Windscreen Spider


Product ID: L1.18-4164111

Price per Unit  599,00 EUR  

Windscreen Coupe

Premium quality from Switzerland.
Product ID: L1.18-4147600

Price per Unit  579,00 EUR  

Windscreen Coupe slightly green

Premium quality from Switzerland.

Product ID: L1.18-4147600G

Price per Unit  874,00 EUR  

Windscreen Stratos

High-quality + acurately fitting laminated glass.

Product of the European Union. 

LPN: 82311388

Product ID: 59-29

Price per Unit  426,00 EUR  

Front windscreen rubber 206 - 246

Original quality. The two lower edges are carefully fitted and vulcanized.
Product ID: 111-3

Price per Unit  318,00 EUR  

Rubber windscreen Spider

FPN: 1903391
The fit for the 2nd series is not perfect. It must be lined in the window frame and balanced with sealing compound. If possible, reuse the original gasket. Unfortunately, there is no alternative.
Product ID: L1.18-1903391 S

Price per Unit  295,00 EUR  

Rubber windscreen Coupe

Product ID: L1.18-1903391 C

Price per Unit  52,40 EUR  

Price per Unit  6,80 EUR  

Clip windscreen

The window frame is attached in total with 15 clips.
Product ID: 160-1

Price per Unit  446,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  288,00 EUR  

Price per Unit  79,00 EUR  

Windscreen Transport Case

Required for the secure transport of your windscreen
Product ID: WSSTB

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