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Ferrari 206 GT + 246 GT/GTS

Although various prototypes of the Pininfarina design had been seen at car shows since 1965 the Dino was officially presented at the Turin International Car Show in 1969

The first Dino was the 206GT. The model was not available as a Targa and had a transversely mounted 2 litre V6 engine as used in the Fiat Dino Spyder. However different carburettors, exhaust modifications and small alterations to the engine itself boosted the power output on the Dino 206 to some 180bhp.

After some 150 vehicles had been produced by Scaglietti the 206 was replaced by the 246GT. Its 2.4 litre engine was considerably more long lasting and it had a 60mm longer wheelbase although these changes increased the weight by about 200kg. Later in 1973 the 246GTS was introduced with a detachable Targa style roof.

Overall some 2,487 examples of the 246GT and 1,274 of the 246GTS were built. Its outstanding shape, so typical of seventies sports cars, has made it very popular with collectors and classic car enthusiasts alike.

The price of a new Dino 246GTS in 1973 was DM 39,990. In 1989, the year after Enzo Ferrari's death, prices for Ferrari reached an all time high and one Dino 246GTS was sold for DM 400,000 at Christies auction. Prices have now stabilised to a more normal level.

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