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Stückpreis  169,00 EUR  

Hub cap in stainless steel

FPN: 700603
Product ID: 35-6

Price per Unit  153,00 EUR  

Chrome cover rudge wheel

Polished stainless steel.
Product ID: 36-3a

Set  138,80 EUR  

Spare centre badge FERRARI

Required: 1 Set of 4
FPN: 108947

Product ID: 40-4

Price per Unit  4,70 EUR  

Wheel disc stainless

Support disc for Dino badge
on CAMPAGNOLO wheels.

Product ID: 35-6c

Price per Unit  17,40 EUR  

CAMPAGNOLO wheel badge

Product ID: 35-6d

Price per Unit  4,20 EUR  

Tension ring for wheel badges

Stainless steel. Campagnolo wheels.
Product ID: 35-6b

Price per Unit  99,00 EUR  

Wheel hub cap FIAT Dino

Highly polished stainless steel, incl. Fiat badge.
Product ID: D3.16-4150253

Price per Unit  24,30 EUR  

Price per Unit  22,90 EUR  

FIAT Dino centre badge

D = 58mm, self-adhesive
Product ID: 302-50

Price per Unit  9,80 EUR  

Spare centre Dino badge

On the back with 3M glue film.
Product ID: 35-6a

Price per Unit  235,00 EUR  

Hub Cap 208 & 308

required: 4
FPN: 105240, 104367
Product ID: EA-37-4

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